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Description: Multimedia Design
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▷ Icons8 v 5.6.7

Icons8 allows users to search icons and insert directly into Photoshop, Xcode, or any other program. Features - 5000 free icons for developers and designers - PNG format in multiple sizes from 25x25px to 512x512 px - iOS 7, Windows 8, and Android styles - Search by tags - Drag to Xcode, Photoshop, or anything - Vector icons are not included in the application, but are available for a fee - 2 seconds to find an icon and insert it into your work - All files are on disk --browse the folders with Finder and all icons are there - Icons are tagged -- If you are looking for an envelope icon, any related keyword would work: mail, message, send, etc. - Different formats - PNG in different sizes from 25x25 to 512x512 - AI, SVG, and EPS vectors (can be purchased at icons8.com/buy) Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

Recomended! version xl5hjb_icons8_ver._5.6.tar.gz
Recomended to 10.14.1 qZi-v.6.6.7-Icons8.zip
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